Visiting The Trust


Covid19 - All non residents and visitors are not to enter the Trust, our community is at risk and to avoid this we ask everyone to stay away, no camping, no visits, no non essential personnel, fines and charges will apply. 

A VISITOR is any person driving through the Boomerang is then considered to be a person visiting the Trust.

A resident is an adult renting one of the Trust homes or a child living in one of the Trust houses.

The Houses at Lake Tyers Trust are privately owned by the Trust and Trust land is privately owned in Freehold title by the Trust.

Therefore the Trust has the right to decide who can live in the houses and who can visit the Trust and what behaviour is expected of visitors.

Trust residents want to live in peace security and safety and want their families especially children to be safe.

Trust residents developed a Code of Conduct to ensure safety and security for all residents.

The Code of Conduct applies to all Visitors to the Trust. It includes Shareholders and family members visiting Trust residents.

The Code of Conduct has penalties for people who do not obey the Code.

A visitor will be excluded from the Trust if they do not obey the Code of Conduct. A visitor can be evicted from the Trust and excluded permanently.



Any visitor to the Trust should contact the Trust Office on (03) 5156 5554 to make sure it is an appropriate time to visit.

Any visitor not visiting family should sign in at the Trust office. If the office is closed then the visitor should sign in at the soonest possible time when the office opens.

Visitors cannot stay in Trust houses or on Trust land for a period longer than 3 months. If a person wishes to stay longer than 3 months they must get approval from the Trust.

A person renting a house from the Trust has a Tenancy Agreement with the Trust just like any person renting a house anywhere in Australia.

The tenant has tenancy rules they must obey which includes the number of people living in the house.

All visitors should be respectful of Trust property and activities and must not take photos of Trust homes or residents without permission.

A visitor asked to leave the Trust should do so as requested, Police may be called if a visitor does not leave as required.

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