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Welcome to Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust

Covid19 - All non residents and visitors are not to enter the Trust, our community is at risk and to avoid this we ask everyone to stay away, no camping, no visits, no non essential personnel, fines and charges will apply.


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Trust Executive Officer

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Phone: (03) 5156 5554
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Aboriginal and Torres Starit Islander people are warned there are historic pictures which show deceased persons.

‘Bung Yarnda’ is the true name of the mission known as Lake Tyers in Victoria‘s Gippsland region.boomerang1

Originally the land of the Gunai/Kurnai people, it became home to Indigenous people from all over the state who were forcibly removed from their homelands. Many years later, some of these same families were forced to leave the mission and ‘assimilate’ into townships.

The mission is surrounded by beautiful waterways and coastal bushland that has been a magnet for tourists since the 1870s. Many of these tourists have incorporated a visit to the local Aboriginal people at Lake Tyers as part of their holiday.

The people of Lake Tyers have been strong and vocal in their struggle to retain their land. In 1970 this fight was rewarded with the handing back of Bung Yarnda to the people.

A large community still call Lake Tyers home.

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